Elementary and Secondary Schools: Promoting Local Awareness

Objective: To provide and encourage a better understanding of marine life.

Vida Marina Foundation is an important local stakeholder that is actively committed and involved with the local community and schools to help protect and treasure its natural resources. An important part of our daily work is to contribute to community environmental education, a continuous process through which we share new technologies and motivate specific groups such as boat captains and tour guides to learn from our experiences, join our research and share with us their local natural history and knowledge.

One of our key rolls within the community is to promote a sense of awareness and nature loving spirit from the local people. Vida Marina Foundation invites the neighbors, fishermen, boat captains, tour guides and many others to participate during our educative workshops and presentations about marine life and conservation.  We also produce a monthly community newsletter to educate and involve the local community in marine issues.

For Vida Marina Foundation, education and support to the people of the area means an opportunity to act directly against immediate threats and to help reduce negative impact on natural resources, as well to work with authorities to seek efficient conservation and protection methods.

With the help of a Japanese volunteer from JICA, we recently presented a wonderful four part education program to the schools in Drake Bay.  The program ended with a trip out on the water, and was a smashing success with the kids!