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Vida Marina Foundation was founded in 2004 in order to create and maintain a protected marine area off the coast of the Osa Peninsula, on the South Pacific side of Costa Rica. We been collecting data, taking ID photos and filming cetaceans since 1999, a solid base of research which enables us to better understand the great variety of species in the area, their behaviors, and the threats that exist to them. For instance, through the data collected on our research tours, we have discovered that almost 80% of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles have been killed in the last four years.
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Costa Rica enjoys one of the most biologically diverse ocean ecosystems in the world. This is mainly because the heart of a vast habitat known as the Costa Rican Thermal Convection Dome (named for its proximity to this country) lies here.  Shallow warm waters lie on top of low-oxygen cold water, creating the perfect ecosystem for a vast variety of marine life. The dome off the coast of Costa Rica, is the only one in the world that is constant. Such condition provides the Costa Rican Pacific waters with a very unique scheme of biological richness.

Whales, dolphins, tuna, marlin, manta rays, sea turtles, sailfish and more, congregate in this area taking advantage of this year-round thermal dome of ecologically rich waters. The Humpback Whales visit us from two separate hemispheres, giving us the longest humpback season in the world.  For this reason alone, the area should be protected. However, commercial fishing in the area is rampant, including long lining, trolling for shrimp and large scale tuna fishing.  Through our research and education programs, Vida Marina Foundation is working to make the protected marine sanctuary a reality.