You might think there is little you can do to help protect our oceans, but in fact individuals have the greatest power to help by making simple changes in their buying habits and lifestyle.

Join Fundacion Vida Marina. Your support will help us to create a protected marine area in the south pacific of Costa Rica.

Your food choices are an important part of protecting our oceans. We know, we know everybody loves Rice with Shrimp, but consider at least eating shrimp less often, as shrimping directly kills our oceans. For every gallon of shrimp caught, up to ten gallons of other sea life is killed. As long as there is a consumer demand, shrimping will continue.

  Photo: Sierra

Photo: Sierra  
Tuna fishing kills thousands of dolphins and other marine life every year. Don’t believe that all tuna is now dolphin safe as that is very far from the truth. Even cans labeled as such are still contributing to the decline of dolphin populations. The safest bet is to take canned tuna off your menu.

Sign our online petition to Create a Protected Marine Sanctuary in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Litter causes a lot of damage to our oceans. Leave an area cleaner than when you found it. Cigarette butts and plastic bags look like food to marine animals. Many animals die every year because of ingesting trash.

Come out and play with the dolphins and whales and experience the wonders of the Costa Rican rainforest in Drake Bay, Costa Rica! By coming on our tours, you are directly supporting our research, and what a great way to do it!!