March 2005
Mass stranding of 68 Roughtooth Dolphins in Florida

February 2005
Controversial US Ship Runs Aground on Mexican Reef

January 2005
Whale Stranding in N.C. Followed Navy Sonar Use

December 2004
Whales at risk in sonar sea exercises

November 2004
President Bush Entangled in Tuna/Dolphin Issue

October 2004
U.S. House of Representatives urged to not take action on H.R. 5104, legislation that weakens laws protecting marine mammals from destructive fishing gear.

September 2004
$40,000 fine levied for falsely labeled "Dolphin Safe" Tuna

August 2004
The Navy acknowledges using sonar in the 20 hours before a large pod of melon-headed whales unexpectedly came to shore in Hawaii.

August 2004
Federal Court Strikes Down Bush Administration's Effort to Weaken Dolphin Protection

July 2004
The International Whaling Commission decides to not lift ban on commercial whaling this year.

June 2004
8 dolphins imported from Mexico and Cuba by Dolphin Discoveries, Antigua to participate in swim program.

June 2004
Sea Shepherd Lands Crew on the Beaches of Galapagos National Park during dispute with angry fishermen.

June 2004
Greenpeace delivers dead dolphins to government offices in London in a bid to highlight the threat from fishing trawlers.

June 2004
U.S. Government Report Shows Tuna Fisheries Are Still a Threat to Dolphins

May 2004
Study finds marine mammals dying in captivity

April 2004
Interesting developments in The Cetacean Community v. Bush and Rumsfeld, lawsuit.

March 2004
Global anti-whaling campaign launched…”Whaling is 'too cruel to continue”

February 2004
Extinction Nears for Whales and Dolphins

January 2004
Suit Filed to Stop Navy SONAR Testing