Project: Multiple Use Marine Area in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Objective: The creation of a Multiple Use Marine Area in order to project, preserve and guarantee the sustainable use of marine resources and their ecosystems, and encourage a better understanding of them.

The area we aim to protect is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica. A “Multiple Use Marine Protected Area” AMUM, is proposed from and including Marino Ballena National Park and Caño Island to Punta Sirena.

Specific goals:
• To preserve the representative natural environments of the area and its’ more fragile ecosystems in order to guarantee the equilibrium and continuity of such marine mega-ecosystem.
• To protect genetic diversity of endemic species.
• To guarantee the sustainable use of natural resources encouraging the active participation of local communities.
• To promote conservation, scientific research and study marine ecosystems biodiversity.
• To protect and improve natural water sources and hydrographic basins.

Photo: Osa Conservation area, South Pacific of Costa Rica
Proposed Area: Propuesta Drake