Sierra, Founder

Sierra is a 41 year old US citizen and the soul of the Organization. Her strength to commit to and sustain non-conventional effortsis the unique skill needed to develop a grass-roots NGO form scratch. She has also demonstrated a philanthropic sense throughout her working years.

In fact, within the Drake community, where most hotel owners and investors are foreigners, she has stimulated giving by hotel owners and the tourism sector to support local environmental and social causes. She has contributed directly to the community with the creation of the only Community Newsletter, distributing both printed and electronic versions.

Her work for the Foundation is voluntarily; she is in charge of press releases, and foundation’s database, and producing professional quality photographs and video material for educational uses and to support the foundation’s research, as well as documenting illegal actions and threats occurring in the area’s waters. She has also been bookkeeper since 1998 for her lodge and is currently working to establish bookkeeping and administration systems for  the Foundation.